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Quality Control System


Over the years we have developed a quality control system which has proved to be very effective. This is the system, which has been appreciated by all our clients & this is the system which differentiate us from any other supplier in Asia.

Our detailed and elaborate system for controlling quality, based on an efficient coding and accountability system has achieved quality standards to match bags manufactured in the World.

Our Quality control system has contributed significantly to our reputation and our growth as a manufacturer and a company. Based on our experience a step-by-step detailed quality control system for various stages of production is followed ensuring a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Our coding system can track down every single bag to the level of every individual stitcher and the Checking Supervisor even long after we have made the bag. Lower percentage of defects in our bags compared to international standards and lower incidents of complaints reinforces our faith in our systems. A well-defined system of accountability has helped us to achieve levels of precision and quality acceptable to even high-end international customers.

Product Manual

The step-by-step procedure for controlling the quality of bags begins with the Product Manual. When a counter sample is developed for a client, a detailed product manual is prepared. Amongst other things it includes the detailed description of the bag measurements of various sizes, list of accessories, packing details, a sketch of bag with special emphasis on the critical & complicated parts, label designs, prints/embroidery design if any etc.


Patterns for all sizes are drawn sampling department, if the same has not been supplied by our clients. Most of our clients send to us the patterns by e-mail. 


Fabric Testing

Stringent Fabric Testing for various parameters such as shrinkage, color fastness, color matching according to the customer's requirements for each lot of fabric received is carefully conducted. In case the deviation is more than the tolerance, a prior approval is sought from client.

Accessories QC

For each of the accessories, we have defined our own quality parameters in detail. The accessories are checked on these parameters before they are accepted in the stores.

Pre-Production Samle

The Pre-Production Sample is made as per client sketch and these are sent to clients for their approval.

This is very-very important & helpful for us as it reduces the scope of misunderstanding between our clients & us regarding any issue related to style, measurements packing etc. The production of bags of a new style is not started before getting the approval from our clients. The suggestion & improvements if any, received from our client are incorporated in the product manual before the production is started.

Checking the fabric cut-pieces

After the fabric is cut with the help of Cutting Department, the fabric cut pieces are checked in stores. The unit supervisor checks the cut pieces with the product manual to ensure that the fabric has been cut properly. He can issue the cut pieces for production, only if the cut pieces are to his satisfaction.

Production Samle

To ensure that the unit supervisor has understood the product manual completely & there is no confusion in style, measurement etc, he makes a sample from the fabric cut pieces & accessories received, compares it with pre-production sample received & sends it to the technical department for approval. The fabric cut pieces are issued to production only after this production sample is approved by the technical department.

Line Checking

Each line supervisor has a set of workers under him who are doing operations such as thread sewing. The supervisor checks 10% of bags made by each of these workers for identifying problems due to difference in measurement & style.

Finished Checking

This is the checking, which is done for 100% of the bags. Here the finishing checkers check each bag for defects relating to stitching, printing, labeling etc to ensure that each & every bag have gone through these operations, so that these are not missing from even a single bag.

The finishing supervisor checks 10% of bags checked by each checker. This ensures that there is no negligence by the checkers. This checking is done before the bags are sent for ironing.

QCby unit Superviser

After the bags are packed, before despatching them the unit supervisor checks 5% of the bags.

Pre -Shipment QC

Before loading the goods in container the most experienced QC person does sample checking of all the items and the consignment leaves our premises only after the quality is approved by him.


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